Reserch Degrees Supervised

(l-r) Professor Richard Harvey, Director of Admissions and Internationalisation, University of East Anglia; Professor Lee Marsden, Head of School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies, University of East Anglia; Lieutenant Colonel Bashar Badran, Abu Dhabi Police; Professor Nabil Ayad, Director, Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance, University of East Anglia; Brigadier Faisal Al Shaibi, Abu Dhabi Police; Professor Jack Spence, King's College London. Following the Via presentations of Lieutenant Colonel Bashar Badran and Brigadier Faisal Al Shaibi, April 2016

Recent Supervised PhDs - Awarded by East Anglia University

Strategic Management Practices in an Arab Government Security Organisation: Abu Dhabi Police as a Case Study
Brigidiar Faisal Al Shaibi, Abu Dhabi Police, UAE April, 2016

Effective Leadership During Strategic Change: An Investigative Study of Abu Dhabi Police
Lieutenant Colonel Bashar Badran, Abu Dhabi Police, UAE April 2016

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Challenges of Globalisation, Human Capital Investment and Economic Reform: A Critical Evaluation of the King Abdullah Scholarship Programme
Maha Alyousef, Saudi Arabian Embassy, London, UK July 2016

Titles of a Selection of Past Degrees Supervised and Awarded

The Conflict in the Western Sahara;  
A Critical Study of Hamletís Arabic Translations;
The Construction and Representation of the European Unionís International Identity;
The Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations and State Practice: a Critical Analysis;
A New Conceptual Approach to Conflict Resolution in the Post-Cold War World with Reference to the Dayton Agreement; 
Regional Integration and Co-operation in Sub-Saharan Africa;  
Towards an E-Government: The Case of Dubai; 
Diplomatic Negotiations: Romaniaís Accession to the European Union, a Case Study; 
Effective Diplomacy and Nation-Building: A Critical Study of the Tribal Diplomacy Adopted by Three Arabian Gulf Clans and its Contribution to the Establishment of two Modern Nation States (1716-1826)
Paradigms in Caribbean Trade Diplomacy:
Negotiating the Economic Partnership with the EU