Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance - Activities & Achievements


Setting up the Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance at Loughborough University London was a major challenge with establishing new syllabi and recruitment of new staff and students.   The focus in research was developing teaching materials and identifying emerging paradigms in the field of diplomacy and related disciplines.

Activities & Achievements

Since the beginning of a long career, the practical aspect of university education has been a focus.  The design of programmes for Diplomacy has placed equal emphasis on acquiring necessary academic qualifications and on applying academic knowledge to improve the actual work of Diplomatic missions in countries around the world.    As part of the instruction, business leaders, politicians and academic leaders are invited to make practical presentations to candidates such as Mr Allister Harrison CMG CVO,  Her Majesty’s Marshal of the London Diplomatic Corps and His Excellency Dr Enrique Castillo Barrantes, Ambassador of Costa Rica to the Court of St James’s and former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship.

In addition, the use of media and digital information, including information from various media enterprises, has been an important feature.  Most recently, an important part of course work has been how to deal with mass media and the Internet. New components were developed which integrate scientific knowledge, so that the Diplomat in the field can deal with scientific issues plaguing society.  Most of these issues, such as global warming, migrants and refugees, and pollution. Interaction is an essential part of the diplomatic studies programmes that I have designed and developed. Students interact with and learn from each other; as well, they interact with and learn from academics, politicians and professional diplomats who are working in the field.

With the increasing number of nationalities of the student body, it was essential to deal with regional diplomatic case studies. New teaching materials were introduced to reflect the changes in the international political environment such as BREXIT and US Presidential elections. I have developed three case studies for the International Protocol and Etiquette module such as how to deal with a crisis between two countries when the accredited ambassador was about to be declared persona non grata , tit for tat reaction during a diplomatic summit and the impact of culture and politics on protocol. In addition, I chaired meetings and led the discussions at the sessions which involved guest speakers and professionals.

Some of the strengths of the Diplomacy Programmes included: integration of theory and practice, close links with the profession and the representation of different nationalities which facilitied cross- fertilisation amongst course participants and consolidated cultural sensitivity awareness.

 Selected Scholarly Activities

Scholarly Activities included participating in and organizing a number of international events and symposia.

  • 29 June 2017 in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan - I participated in the Kazakhstan International Conference devoted to the 25th anniversary of the diplomatic service of Kazakhstan. Information about the Conference >>
  • 22 May 2017 in Loughborough University London - 20th International Symposium in the series of Diplomacy in the 21st Century. The Nexus of Diplomacy, Sport, Politics and the Media:  Parallels, Paradoxes and Pitfalls. Information about the Conference >>
  • 8-9 May 2017 in Rome - GLOBALIZATION, INCLUSION AND SUSTAINABILITY IN A GLOBAL CENTURY G7 INTERNATIONAL FORUM - Under the auspices of the Italian G7 Presidency. - Information about the Conference >>
  • 14-19 May 2017 in Geneva - ADIG Master's and PhD students of the Academy took part in a week-long Educational Trip to Geneva. Information about events during Educational Trip to Geneva >>
  • 24 April 2017 in London - Diplomat Magazine Awards - Infomation about Diplomat Magazine Awards >>
  • 13 February 2017 in London - Delegation from Russia - Signed agreement of cooperation [photo]
  • 28 October 2016 in London - Dr Ellen Stofan, Chief Scientist at NASA gave a lecture on campus about NASA's journey to Mars in 2030, as well as the progress and challenges of Science Diplomacy and women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Information about the lecture >>
  • 21 October 2016 in London the Embassy of Japan - seminar and networking lunch to discuss the latest trends and future challenges facing science diplomacy. Information about the Seninar >>
  • 12 May 2016 in London in Loughborough University London - 19th International Symposium in the series of Diplomacy in the 21st Century.Science Diplomacy and International Policy. Information about the Conference >>
  • 17th January in London - organised a training programme for a delegation of 20 senior officers from Hainan Province, China on 17th January. The programme included lectures and discussions on the following topics: 1.The Political Dimensions of Diplomacy. 2. International Protocol and Statecraft. 3. Emerging International Security Threats.
  • October 2015 in London organised a training programme for a group of Vietnamese Officials sponsored by the Vietnam Central Business Committee

    The Academy staff with a group of Vietnamese Officials sponsored by the Vietnam Central Business Committee attending an Executive Programme run by the Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance on Statecraft: UK Business and Industry, in October 2015


During my tenure at the University, I recruited 13 PhD candidates and guided them in developing their proposals in Diplomacy and other related fields. These include the following research students >>

Three of my former research students at the School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies, University of East Anglia were recommended for the award of PhD degrees in April and July 2016:
Brigadier Faisal Al- Shaibi: Strategic Management Practices in an Arab Security Organisation- Abu Dhabi Police, a Case Study
LT Colonel Bashar Badran AlKaraeen: Effective Leadership during Strategic Change: An Investigative Study of Abu Dhabi Police
Ms. Maha Alyousef, Saudi Arabian Embassy, London: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Challenges of Globalisation, Human Capital Investment and Economic Reform: A Critical Evaluation of the King Abdullah Scholarship Programme

Published Outputs

My article on "Emerging Patterns in Diplomacy" was published in a book entitled Intercultural Dialogue and Innovations in Diplomacy and Diplomatic Training. ISSN 1334-7659 Diplomatic Academy of Croatia, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs