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Transformational Public Diplomacy

The importance of "soft power" was highlighted. The symposium was organised in collaboration with the American Embassy in London and Center on Public Diplomacy , University of Southern California

Transformational Public Diplomacy and Civil Military Relations session (Transformational Public Diplomacy Shaping the Future of International Relations symposium) . [l-r] Professor Nabil Ayad, Director, The Diplomatic Academy of London, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages, University of Westminster; Major General (Retired) Tim Cross CBE, former International Deputy in the Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance (ORHA), Iraq and General Officer Commanding Theatre Troops, UK Field Army, Professor Jennifer Welsh, Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford , Sir David Miers, KBE, CMG, former British Ambassador to Lebanon, Greece and The Netherlands and Head, Middle Eastern Department, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London and Mr Jerry Lanier, Senior Political Advisor to AFRICOM